Tundra World

Dimensional Coordinates: 408.415.510.484
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Just when you thought it wouldn't snow again in the Bay Area. Skate across San Francisco Bay, ice fish off of Fisherman's Wharf, ski across the Golden Gate Bridge, or have a good old fashion snow ball fight in Alcatraz! Just don't eat that snow. MultiDim scientists believe there may be radiation fallout in good old Frosty.

Parallel History

Scientists are currently investigating whether this Earth is experiencing a nuclear winter, ecological disaster, or a climatic change like a New Ice Age. Research is slow, however, as many of the regional libraries are conveniently missing or destroyed by the cataclysm. Winter conditions seem to have occurred fairly recently. Location of this earth’s inhabitants is unknown.

Travel Advisory

Warning signs

Heavy clothes are required for the cold temperatures. Also be on the lookout for ice tornadoes that can ruin a good vacation. As long as you pack warm or take shelter in one of the abandoned homes, you should be all right.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Unknown, although whatever happened to it, it's probably really cold.

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