Twister World

Dimensional Coordinates: QUARANTINED
Divergence Date: 1960s

Ever think that vast, ruthless wasteland doesn't exist in large enough quantities on Earth Prime? Twister World has plenty thanks to a screwy electromagnetic system and a huge batch of killer artificial tornadoes!

Parallel History

At first, it was hard to figure out what the hell had happened here, since initial entry landed MultiDim researchers in San Francisco and not central California. However, since they had no choice but to look for an electromagnetically stable region while avoiding bizarre electric tornadoes, they figured it out pretty quickly.

The ruins of the Concord Air Force Base spelled out early theories. Two scientists, Franklin Michener and Thomas Malone, belonged to a government research group in the 1960s that was experimenting with the natural electromagnetic dynamos located underground at the base. The goal: electric tornadoes that could be used to demolish old buildings or build canals. Unfortunately, the government found out about the experiment and its progress and tried to capture the technology for use as a weapon.

This prompted Malone to try and scrap the project but Franklin, afraid that he would lose his funding, got into a physical fight with his partner. In the brawl, Malone fell, hit his head and died.

Franklin tried to continue the experiment alone – incurring disastrous results. He lost control of the twisters and unwittingly unleashed them onto an unsuspecting country. As a result, Michener soon set up a town surrounded by loadstone, which reverses the polarity of the electric tornadoes and works to keep them at a safe distance.

We’ve set up restrictions until our probes register a normal EM field around that earth. In mid-1996 there were small registers of a restored field, but they quickly collapsed.

Travel Advisory


As only regions on this planet chock full of lodestone are safe to travel in and out, this world is restricted until the natural EM band is restored.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Recently discovered by a Tracker named Logan upon his escape from a self-sustaining colony near the ruins of Washington, D.C.

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