Vampire World

Dimensional Coordinates: 557.212.840.612
Divergence Date: April 2, 1459

Are you one of those aggravating "goth" goof balls who always complains that no one understands their insane Crow fixation? Tired of being the object of ridicule simply for wearing fishnet stockings and oversize crucifixes? Well, there is a world that understands your need to be a Lost Boy. It is Vampire World, and it will embrace you.

Parallel History

What we have here is a world where vampires exist. Not only do they exist, there’s actual legislation dating back over 100 years prohibiting vampirism. That means jail time, buddy — and a life sentence can take on a whole new meaning when you’re a member of the undead.

Not that we’ve cataloged weirder (we have) but this world just does not make sense. The laws banning vampirism in the United States were enacted in 1897, the same year that Bram Stoker’s overrated pulp novel Dracula hit stores on Earth Prime. However, the book was never released here — Vlad of Wallachia never quite acquired his reputation as a bloodsucker because his raid on the church of St. Bartholomew in Brasov, Transylvania met with his death, sparing this world of an additional 20 years of tyranny.

Without the book to spur public outrage at the possibility of losing one’s soul to an evil ghoul, where’d the law come from? Who knows.

Even more inexplicably, there was a band in the late 90s that traveled under the nom de plume “Stoker” that was rumored to have been a minstrel group of vampires. These band members all had the names of fictional characters from the book Stoker. How do we explain that?

Simple: we don’t.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

Tourists are invited to visit Vampire World for its music — Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin are two of many acts still alive and performing on this world.

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