Wasco World

Dimensional Coordinates: 409.512.555.011
Divergence Date: 1897

Looking to start a career as a botanist? Or simply looking for a cheap dozen roses for that special someone? Pop on over to Wasco World, where a glitch in the multiverse has turned our small California town into a coastal floral juggernaut!

Parallel History

1897 brought the Sante Fe Railroad into central California, and Marshall Hartranft to the local political scene. Using land grants secured by the Kern County Land Company, Hartranft persuaded hundreds of families to move to the fertile valley.

The bright sunshine and large, open fields generated a huge interest in agriculture. Cotton, potatoes and other economic staples thrived quickly, but the big money came when William Bonham moved from Oregon. His wife brought a collection of rare and exotic flowers with her, planted them, and watched history grow before her eyes.

Now, coupled with an early contact by a transdimensional civilization, Wasco is a huge region sprawling from would-be Bakersfield down to the border of Mexico. Mostly agricultural, it retains its core “home-town” feel thanks to the fact that most of the employees live off-world.

Roses, however, grow in abundance and are available to anyone. Look closely and you’ll probably find a stand giving them away for free.

Travel Advisory

Clear for takeoff

MultiDim will take you from San Francisco down to tour the region Kern, where there is a "forest" of roses of every color. Stay clear of the plantations, however – these people are working for a living and don't take kindly to interruptions.

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