Dimensional Coordinates: 679.087.256.994
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Welcome to Waterworld — no, not the movie — a parallel earth experience some serious diluvian problems!

Parallel History

Screw water parks. Avoid the 5 hour drive to a lake packed to the gills with annoying tourists. You want some water? You got it.

Coastal cities up to an elevation of 150 feet are gone. Only the top halves of skyscrapers poke out from the sea. But what happened?

MultiDim launched a low earth orbit probe to get a better picture of the topography of the planet. Scans showed that the ice caps had melted, a phenomena that would raise global sea levels about 60 feet. But what about the other 90 feet? And where are all the people?

The people, simply, are up in the mountains or in arable land surrounded by mountainous terrain. Central California is safe, as is any altitude about 200 feet.

Where’d all the extra water come from? Who knows. Who cares? Strap on some water skis!

Travel Advisory


Be advised that you know how to swim before visiting this world. Also be advised of the giant mutant sharks that now inhabit the waters.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

150 feet underwater. We're sending a diving bell to check it out. Stay tuned.

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