Wells-Niven World

Dimensional Coordinates: 903.329.202.480
Divergence Date: Unknown.

Imagine an Earth in syzygy with a moon and two other Terran planets. Now imagine no further — we've got one right here for you.

Parallel History

While at first glance a trip to this world would look like any other rural paradise, there’s something far more complex at work.

Wells-Niven World is called as such because it brings several popular science fictions themes into the realm of reality. The first part, postulated by writer H.G. Wells, shows two offshoots of humanity, one living aboveground in a state of almost childlike innocence, one below more beast than man. How this came to pass is almost unexplainable.

The second part, named after Larry Niven, describes a race of beings called Engineers, who were able to construct whole worlds with technology. These worlds were filled with creatures from all over and run using state-of-the-art technology. Then, inexplicably, the Engineers vanished, and their technology ceased to work.

Comparing seismological studies of this Earth with our own it was easy to see why the Engineers would terraform atop a global system of shock absorbers. The syzygy of the four celestial bodies (it’s unknown if the other two planets are synthetic in nature) creates severe tectonic stresses, stresses that used to be compensated for by the absorbers. However, in the wake of the Engineers’ disappearance, the equipment has failed and those living above fear for their lives.

The dates don’t add up when described by the locals, and even some of the signs we discovered below ground were inconsistent. They claim the pylons were constructed in the 1970s, too soon a date from our standpoint. It’s likely that the year corresponds to a different numbering system than we have for years. Month names are identical.

Wells-Niven World has plant life that tastes like whatever you want it to and water that acts as a healing salve, both no doubt an extension of the Engineers’ genius. You may start seeing these things soon if we get a trade route established.

Travel Advisory


Be wary of period seismic settling. MultiDim is working towards repairing the ignored technology. A probe could be sent to the neighboring planets in a few years.

The Zimmerman Telegraph

Engineered, of course.

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