Zombie World

Dimensional Coordinates: QUARANTINED
Divergence Date: 1990s

Looking for a guaranteed way to lose weight? Don't visit Zombie World, where a fat-burning supplement turned the entire world into fat-starved zombies. And yes, we're serious.

Parallel History

As a consumer, you’ve undoubtedly seen the aisles and aisles of natural supplements in stores and wondered why the hell you need something natural when the drug companies can manufacture something less effective with far more side-effects. Why trust Mother Nature when you can eat a pill that lowers your sex drive worse than a picture of Roseanne Barr, naked?

Take that thinking about a million times further and you’ve got Zombie World. The FDA doesn’t exist here, and the result of that is PAC money thrown at the government by pharmaceutical companies to push through shaky medication and ban natural stuff like caffeine. You want Saint John’s Wort? Look somewhere else, bub.

The big winner of all this nonsense was the Geni-Trax Corporation. They created a weight-loss product called Lipron, a genetically engineered pill you take that attacks fat. The idea was that you’d take the pill, lose as much fast as you want and then take the antidote to stop Lipron from eating you alive.

Talk about a backfire, though. People taking Lipron quickly began to crave human fat. Their pallor and skin color changed, they became photosensitive and lost all ability to speak. The person’s goal was to get more fat in their system and they didn’t care how, even if they ate another person. Bitten by a Lipron zombie? Well, you’ll become a zombie yourself. It’s madness. MADNESS.

Travel Advisory


You'd be safe in the daytime, since all the zombies are afraid of bright light. But there's really nothing to see here, and the dangers are too great.

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