Seasons Greedings!

Earth Prime is pleased to share with fans footage cut from the third season episode. Enjoy this gift from us to you, and happy holidays!

Happy Anniversary, Sliders

To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the premiere of Sliders, Earth Prime is pleased to present 40 seconds of new footage from everyone's favorite third season episode, "The Guardian."

Season Two Gag Reel

The Sliders Season Two Gag Reel is a six minute send-up of Sliders' production run from 1995 to 1996. Produced by crew members Paul Fontaine and Paul Leonard, the gag reel pokes fun at everything from costuming and line flubs to bizarre stand-in CGI effects.

“The Exodus” Excised

"The Exodus" was the seminal two part episode that killed Professor Arturo while simultaneously shredding the likeability of the other Sliders. Members of the defunct Earth Prime forum discussed the possibility of trimming both parts into one regular-length episode: could doing so salvage the episode from its own rotten legacy? Several efforts were produced, with this the one developed by Earth Prime.

“Cry Like a Man”

Written By: Tracy Tormé & Paul Kelly
Arranged By: Hummie Mann
Performed by Cleavant Derricks

Season Three Gag Reel

The Sliders Season Three Gag Reel is an hilarious 13-minute spoof of Sliders' production run from 1996 to 1997. Produced by crew members Paul Fontaine and Paul Leonard, this is proof positive that not only were production elements aware that the show was rapidly sliding downhill into a huge sea of Suck, they were able to laugh about it as well.

“The Making of Sliders” documentary

Host Jerry O’Connell (Quinn Mallory) introduces the viewer to the production process involved with the fourth season of the SciFi Channel series Sliders.

“The Making of Sliders” Featurette

Stars Jerry O'Connell and Cleavant Derricks join co-creators Tracy Tormé and Robert K Weiss in a look back on the series' first two seasons. Originally appeared on the Sliders: Dual Dimension DVD set for seasons one and two.

Sliders Auditions

Take a peek behind the scenes and see how actors audition for the roles that populate the various worlds our Sliders visit.

Season 1 Electronic Press Kit

These video clips have been pulled from the Sliders Season 1 Electronic Press Kit (EPK). Individual interviews took place during filming of "The Weaker Sex"; group pieces and B-Roll comes while filming "Eggheads". The EPK interviews and behind-the-scenes footage are presented in their entirety for your enjoyment.

Sliders Commercials

Commercials for both the fourth season of Sliders on the Sci-Fi Channel and the release of the Dual Dimension DVD set.