Sliders Auditions

Take a peek behind the scenes and see how actors audition for the roles that populate the various worlds our Sliders visit.

It’s no surprise that casting a role for a television show can be a grueling, involved process. Episodes are shot within weeks of being written and each non-regular role needs to be filled based on the needs of the producers and the quality of the audition. A casting director might see dozens of actors for even the leanest script. Sliders is no exception.

What follows is a rare and exclusive peek into the auditioning process for a guest role on Sliders. Below are just ten auditions (of at least 70) for two roles in the first season episode The Weaker Sex — sensitive boyfriend Ed Dunleavy and office manager Lois Auchincloss.

Note that while men of several ethnicities try out for the part of Ed, the script called for Lois to be black, so that’s what we got. Also, some of these faces might seem familiar to you; they appear in other episodes as different characters.