Happy Anniversary, Sliders

The producers and cast of Sliders always managed to poke fun at Professor Arturo’s size, but they were never so obvious with the joke as having John Rhys-Davies double fist a Twinkee and a Slurpee, were they?

Were they?

To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the premiere of the show, Earth Prime is pleased to present a short scene deleted from everyone’s favorite third season episode, “The Guardian.” It’s easy to see why the scene didn’t make it into the final episode – the sugar crash the Professor would experience soon after ingesting all this terrible food would make it impossible for him to become the bar-hopping ladies man we see later, after all – but it’s something we’re sure you weren’t expecting in 2017: new Sliders.

So enjoy this brief exclusive and rejoice with a Frozen Squishee of your own tonight! Just make sure you get the cherry; all the other flavors are terrible.

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