Seasons Greedings!

In 1996, Sliders took a stab at a holiday-themed episode with Seasons Greedings. Pitting the Sliders against one of the worst evils in any world – rampant Christmas consumerism – the episode features nice moments with Wade and her double’s family, Arturo reuniting a woman with her infant son, and plenty of location shooting at Universal CityWalk.

Earth Prime is pleased to share with you a few minutes of footage cut from the finished product. Our video collects alternate and extended takes, a few brief deleted scenes, awesome outtakes of John Rhys-Davies swearing like the salty sailor we know he is deep down, and Cleavant Derricks singing “Hark the Herald Jewelers Sing” in its entirety. There’s even long, creepy shots of animatronic elves for the one or two of you looking for that at Christmastime.

As the Professor would say, “’tis better to give, than receive.” Enjoy this gift from us to you, and happy holidays!

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